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2016 Swarmathon NASA Opportunity Fair-RECORDINGLaunch Now!
Available until February 11th, 20171486846800 If opportunity knocks, will you open the door? As a student who enrolled in the Swarmathon, you have opened a door. Now, NASA has more doors ready for you to open! This event will feature 5 different speakers covering 5 different opportunities!

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We have a rapid fire slate of speakers at this event who will explain how you can:

1) Get a paid NASA Internship this summer.
2) Join the NASA Academy, which includes a paid research internship.
3) Participate in the Swarmathon’s Summer Research Exchange Program.
4) Connect with your state’s NASA Space Grant Consortium for scholarships, internships and special opportunities available.
5) Participate in other NASA Challenges including competitions focused on: rocket launches, robotic vehicles, 3D printing, and other technical disciplines.
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