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Checking out "2017 NASA Swarmathon Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Physical Teams-RECORDING" on Swarmathon Events:
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2017 NASA Swarmathon Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Physical Teams-RECORDINGLaunch Now!
Available until October 31st, 20171509465600 Don't spin your wheels and fall behind! Watch this recorded webinar to get the answers to challenges you face. Plus, you'll get insights into best practices and best approaches to get you ahead in the competition!

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This recorded webinar is all about you! By that, we mean the content is entirely focused on answering your questions and providing tips and suggestions to solve the challenges your team may be facing. We have been busy collecting input in advance of this webinar, so that we can address the important and pressing issues for Swarmathon competitors in both the Physical and Virtual Competitions.
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