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2017 NASA Swarmathon Robot Assembly Webinar-RECORDINGLaunch Now!
Available until September 27th, 20171506557700 A recording of the 9/27/16 webinar on Robot Assembly. This webinar included content on assembly and testing, a video of the Swarmie with the new gripper, and important reference links for the 2017 competition.

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This webinar was for all the 2017 Physical Teams, however, most of the content focused on robot assembly and testing -- essentially getting the 8 new teams up to the point where the existing 2016 teams already are. The webinar also showcased the new gripper, which is an exciting change for the upcoming competition. Gripper kits should be delivered to all 20 physical teams by early October. A video of the Swarmie with the gripper is shown during this webinar.

At the end of the webinar, viewers have a chance to download the PowerPoint presentation including important links, for future reference.
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