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Continuing Education SENGinars
SENG offers a series of continuing education credit webinars for mental health professionals. SENG is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. SENG maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Currently only live CE Courses may be used for credit (not recordings) and it is required that you attend the full live meeting. SENG is working on approving recorded programs for credit, so stay tuned!

Be advised that SENG is unable to refund webinar registrations. Discounts do not apply to Continuing Education webinars or pre-recorded SENGinars.

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Checking out "Gatto-Walden-Spiritually Gifted-Participant Recording" on Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted Events: https://www.cysalesteam.com/seng/event/gatto-walden-spiritually-gifted-participant-recording
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Available until March 26th, 20251743010200 Spiritually gifted children and adults tend to have an expanded awareness and openness to both the seen and unseen world within and around them.

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Note: CE Credits only available for live participants. Spiritually gifted children and adults tend to have an expanded awareness and openness to both the seen and unseen world within and around them. They are extremely sensitive and observant and most often have viewpoints and ethics that direct their lives. While others find it difficult to grasp their perspective and may question the validity of their transpersonal experiences and knowledge, being spiritually attuned is of paramount importance in their lives. For these gifted individuals it is common to be acutely aware of the synchronicity of daily life, to commune with an Order beyond her/himself, and to intuit connections among all things. Due to misunderstanding and rejection by others, they often attempt to hide their inner reality. They yearn for empathy and meaningful relationships where they can share their expansive understanding. Participants will learn the inner world and outer manifestations of being spiritually gifted, understand more fully their insights and perceptivity, and subsequent daily life blessings and struggles.
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