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Creating a Sales Culture: Coaching CSRs to Sell - PIARegister NowMarch 9th, 2016 12:00pm - 1:00pm (MST)14575500001457553600Limited capacity event. 9 seats left.As the needs of your business change your customer service representatives are required to adjust and take on more tasks and responsibilities. They also find themselves in the position to sell more products or services.

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If you are creating a sales culture, you have to make selling comfortable for CSRs. It’s no secret most dislike it and prefer to simply avoid the task altogether. Many CSRs panic if asked to press for a sale. It is the manager’s responsibility to help representatives understand that great customer service includes an additional sales offer.

Gaining insight into your CSR’s natural work practices and communication style allows you to play into strengths and navigate around weaknesses when it comes to making confident cross-sellers of service workers.

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