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Category: Admin and Support Series
Checking out "Assessment Tools for Admins - Feb 4, 2019" on Instructure Events: https://www.cysalesteam.com/instructure/event/assessment-tools-for-admins-feb-4-2019
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Assessment Tools for Admins - Feb 4, 2019Register NowFebruary 4th, 2019 7:00am - 8:00am (MST)15492888001549292400ADMIN AND SUPPORT SERIES - *Prerequisite: Please attend Structuring Your Account before taking this session, as fundamental knowledge of sub-account structure will be helpful in making the most of this session.

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Assessment Tools for Admins is a session devoted to learning how Canvas Admins and Sub-Account Admins can create shared rubrics, question banks and learning outcomes at the account or sub-account level. Shared content can be pulled into courses by instructors and reports for entire departments or schools can be generated based on student performance on shared assessments and outcomes. We will explore the application of these tools at both the k12 and HED levels.

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