Generate leads, deploy training and instantly meet with customers using Adobe CONNECT without leaving
Connect Your Events
"Generate leads and automatically track event attendance from Adobe Connect webinars"
  • Custom branded portal to manage events
  • Organize events by category, calendar or chronological
  • Integrate popular social media to increase viral exposure of events
  • Track event registration and attendance in Salesforce
  • Paypal or gateway to monetize events
Train Your Salesteam
"Deliver training hosted on Adobe Connect to your sales reps without leaving"
  • Adobe Connect hosted training displays in for easy access
  • Training results automatically tracked in Salesforce
  • Single sign on access to incomplete training activities
Connect Your Reps
"Instantly meet with contacts/prospects using Adobe Connect and automatically track virtual meeting results in"
  • One click meeting access for organizers and attendees from any Salesforce contact record
  • Meeting activities automatically tracked in a Salesforce contact related list
  • Contacts in Salesforce are kept in sync with users in the Adobe Connect database
  • Easily track online demos as a sales metric like phone calls, meetings and deals found
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